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Archived from on 1 September 2012. However, during a 1—0 win against on 20 September 2014, he suffered ankle injury that saw him substituted in the second half, resulting in him sidelined for four weeks. He scored his third goal of the season, in a 2—1 win against eleven days later on 29 July 2009, but the club was eliminated in the J. U-24• His side were knocked out of the tournament after losing 3—2 to in the round of 16 match. 吉田麻也输了。


At the end of the 2011—12 season, Yoshida went on to make thirty—seven appearances and scoring five times in all competitions as a central defender. 老实说听到吉田麻也复盘比赛,记者先是惊讶不已,毕竟以旁观者来看,日本的表现足够出色,完全配得上各种赞誉与褒奖。


" However, Yoshida's call-up to the tournament caused squad selection problems for new Southampton manager during his absence. 最终,吉田麻也随日本国家男子足球队夺得第15届亚洲杯足球赛冠军。


In May 2018, Yoshida published his first book titled "Unbeatable Mind". In the 2017—18 season, Yoshida appeared in the first three league matches of the season, including winning a penalty and it was successfully converted by Austin, in a 3—2 win against West Ham United on 19 August 2017. Archived from on 5 April 2020. Team of the Tournament:• A month later on 4 December 2013, he made his first Premier League appearance, starting the whole game, in a 3—2 loss against. He soon had a first team run, starting a lot of matches by the end of 2018. A month later on 26 April 2009, he scored his second goal of the season, in a 2—1 win against. Following the conclusion of the AFC Asian Cup, Yoshida didn't receive an international call—up until August. 22年オランダのVVVフェンロに移籍。

Throughout the 2017—18 season, the club have found themselves in a relegation zone, putting their Premier League status under threat. During the run, he scored two goals against and Afghanistan. Since moving to Europe, Yoshida created his personal blog, where he reflected about his experience living and playing in a different continent. Ahead of the tournament, he was given the captaincy once again. .(英文)南安普顿足球俱乐部官网 [引用日期2016-12-14]• 「個人トレーナーさんが(イギリスに)来てくれた。




Having started playing in the centre—back position, he played in the right—back position, due to increase competitions among the centre—backs. It wasn't until on 7 January 2017 when Yoshida scored his first goal of the season, in a 2—2 draw against in the third round of the EFL Cup. 2011年1月,吉田麻也代表日本队参加了卡塔尔亚洲杯足球赛。 好在现在圣徒们他们现在都知道了我是谁,我是个什么样的人。 Along the way, he was rotated to playing in the left—back and right—back positions. U-20フットサル 男子• Following a loss to Leicester City, Yoshida was dropped to the substitute bench and never played for the team again. Despite this, national newspaper mentioned Yoshida in their article of Premier League pace-setters. Smith, Alan 6 February 2016. It wasn't until on 5 April 2017 when he scored his second goal of the season, in a 3—1 win against. トレーナーにとって、試合前後のメンテナンスは欠かせない。 战胜日本后,更证明了卡塔尔是亚洲杯上最好的球队!最好的球队,赢得了亚洲杯! (搜狐体育 钱琨) 责任编辑:. U-21• 2016-17赛季,吉田麻也代表南安普敦足球俱乐部在英格兰足球超级联赛出场24次,打入2球,助攻1次;在英格兰足总杯中出场3次;在英格兰足联杯中出场1次。 2008赛季,吉田麻也代表名古屋鲸八足球俱乐部在日本J足球联赛中出场22次,打入1球;在日本联赛杯中出场4次;在日本天皇杯中出场3次,打入1球。
Yoshida captained the side for the first time in his Southampton's career, beating Norwich City 1—0 in the third round of the FA Cup replay. 卡塔尔却是一路赢球,用进球来扼杀一个个质疑者 第27分钟,吉田麻也在禁区前沿弧顶偏左处,防守阿齐兹,他与阿齐兹保持半米的距离,没有上前紧逼,吉田麻也怕对手卸球,直接从身边突破过去
Despite indifferent form on the part of both Yoshida and Southampton as a whole, Southampton became the first team in history to reach the without conceding a single goal after beating 2—0 on aggregate in the EFL semi—finals. In November 2007, Yoshida signed for an agency with , a Players' Agent , in hopes of moving to Europe. 在本届亚洲杯曲终人散之时,所有人才发现,卡塔尔在小组赛里就展现了冠军相,只不过冠军相一路被当做黑马相 His performance in the World Cup earned praises from the British media, such as, and. At the end of the 2007 season, he went on to make twenty—four appearances and scoring once in all competitions. 第79分钟,卡塔尔右角球,3号阿卜德卡里姆头球攻门,换在以前,吉田麻也也许还会卡位,卡位起跳的话,双臂不会张开,但现在他真的害怕了,不想给对手任何机会,这次吉田高高跃起,想用身体来阻挡对方头球攻门后皮球飞行的线路
However, Yoshida was unable to help Southampton reach the Group Stage of the tournament after losing 2—1 on aggregate against. However, Yoshida suffered a calf injury that saw him sidelined for two weeks. 关键先生还在继续,第60分钟,吉田麻也在争顶时撞翻了卡塔尔的胡希,卡塔尔这个184厘米的中卫一下场,日本队又有机会,很快,日本队在第69分钟,终于通过打快球和强打中路,扳回一球 年代別• Yoshida's return was short—lived when he suffered a knee injury that kept him out for two months. 吉田も、個人トレーナーが常に側にいる有り難さを語る
「英国北部のニューカッスルで試合をし、英国南部のサウサンプトンに午前0時に帰宅したとしても、そこから施術を行ないます After serving a two match suspension, Yoshida returned to the starting line-up, starting the whole game, in a 2—0 loss against PSV Eindhoven on 31 March 2012. U-18• 这源自日本文化对背负使命的格外在意,轻易激起每一个异乡追梦人的共鸣
U-15• The following March, he captained Japan for the first time in his career and helped the national side beat United Arabs Emirates 2—0. At the end of the 2013—14 season, Yoshida went on to make fourteen appearances and scoring two times in all competitions. Yoshida scored his first goal of the tournament, scoring a header from 's free kick, in a 3—0 against in the quarter—finals. [フットサル]• Three months later on 3 June 2016, Yoshida scored a brace, scoring in the fourth and five goal, in a 7—2 win against. It was expected once again that Yoshida will be starting in the centre—back position ahead of the tournament. Since then, he became a first team regular for the side, playing in the centre—back position. 凤凰体育评. The match was won by Southampton, so Swansea City were relegated. Japan score listed first, score column indicates score after each Yoshida goal. 阿联酋本来就是一支伪强队,要不是在八分之一决赛上被中国裁判傅明送了一个点球,未必能杀入八强,结果一个4-0,让阿联酋人连骂都没力气了 runner-up: Japan• Yoshida revealed on his blog on 26 September 2012 that he's married to a general woman from Grampus. 9月15日,在英超第4轮阿森纳主场迎战升班马南安普敦的比赛中,吉田麻也首次在英超亮相